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Cruise Tasik Putrajaya




Why Cruise Tasik Putrajaya

You’re about to discover the most unique and interesting way to see Putrajaya!

Complete your visit to Malaysia’s stunning Federal Administrative Centre with a memorable trip down the serene Putrajaya Lake; an incredible man-made wonder spanning across 650 hectares of beautiful waters and exotic wetlands. Come see Putrajaya from a different perspective.

Why Cruise Tasik Putrajaya?

  1. It’s Putrajaya – pride of the nation!
    • Soak up the magical atmosphere that is Putrajaya; discover this enchanting garden city while cruising. This is where all the greens and modern architectural wonders intertwine seamlessly and form the largest landmark in Malaysia!
  2. Leisurely Experience – escape stressful city life
    • River cruises are not about rushing… time to take it easy and say goodbye to your stress at our jetty!
    • Sit on the open / upper deck and unwind while catching the views.
    • Hang out in the sun or shade comfortably on board our luxurious modern and traditional boats.
    • Our biggest boat can transport only 120 passengers at most, so there is no dealing with huge crowds at a time.
    • Romantic options are available for couples and honeymooners, perfect for a quick romantic getaway.
  3. Made in Malaysia – get a closer look at excellent local craftsmanship
    • All of our cruise boats (traditional and modern) are proudly 100% designed and handcrafted in Malaysia, by Malaysians.
  4. Reasonably priced! From as low as RM15
    • Get great value in just one trip! One price covers just about everything; attractive destinations, fun and romance, fabulous meals – a variety of 5-star menu on-board, simplicity and hassle free getaway, networking opportunities, family time, self pampering time, new and different experiences and most importantly satisfaction!
  5. Variety – more than 20 packages to choose from
    • With cruise packages options like sightseeing, educational tours, romantic affairs, private dining and fun activities, we have an endless list of activities to suit every taste on board.
  6. Simplicity – hassle free
    • Talk to your travel agent or us for bookings and planning; it is so simple and straight forward! Let our team of professionals handle your requests while you look forward to the good times on board!
  7. Perfect for everyone – from personal fun time to corporate events!
    • Singles, couples, groups of family and friends with varying interests can enjoy what we have to offer on board.
    • We cater not only for tourists and visitors to Putrajaya; our cruises are also perfect for corporate events like product launching and press conference.
    • From sightseeing to dining and entertainment, we cater for all.
    • Flexibility & choice – we are at your service.
    • Our boats are available for charter too. Choose your time for a special retreat – it’s your cruise, it’s your choice!

What are you waiting for? Come and set sail with Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. We look forward to welcome you on board!


About Cruise Tasik Putrajaya


CTP has hosted visitors since its official launch on 30 August 2003 by then Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad. As the sole cruise service provider in Putrajaya, CTP serves to complement the city’s tourism appeal, allowing visitors to see and marvel at the stunning sights and more than 20 Putrajaya landmarks from a unique perspective. Set sail with us and enjoy the magnificent view that includes the iconic Putra Mosque, Seri Wawasan Bridge and Perdana Putra (Prime Minister’s office). We offer sightseeing tours on board our traditional handcrafted perahu (gondola) as well as air-conditioned cruise boats with dining option. Apart from the regular boat tours, private boat charter and venue rental are also available.


Our Fleet

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya owns various types of boats to cater to different cuising needs of our guests. Choose from our modern and luxurious air- conditioned cruise boats, or our beautiful traditional handcrafted boats.

Air-Conditioned Cruise Boats

Cruise Boat

Our boats are specifically designed and built with wraparound windows arching from armrest level to the ceiling, allowing passengers clear and unobstructed view of the lake in luxurious comfort. As the boat cruises past the many stunning Putrajaya landmarks, you are welcome to hop over to the decks and feel the wind brush against your face.

Double Deck (Sebarau & Kelah) :
Capacity : 120 pax seated or 60 pax for dining
Single Deck (Belimbing & Daun) :
Capacity : 76 pax seated or 30 pax for dining


Traditional Boats

Perahu Dondang Sayang

Perahu Dondang Sayang
(Boat Name: Payang & Kolek)

For a more personal and nostalgic trip down memory lane, experience Putrajaya from genuine replicas of the local Malay traditional perahu or wooden gondola-like vessels, all intricately crafted and made in the state of Terengganu. Our Dondang Sayang boat is able to seat up to 6 people.


Perahu Dondang Sayang

Lepa-lepa is the traditional single-mast sailing boats of the Sea Bajau people; gypsies of the sea who lives off the east coast of Semporna, Sabah. Now you do not have to go to faraway Semporna to experience sailing on board the unique Lepa-lepa. Grab this opportunity to sail along Putrajaya Lake with us! Our beautifully decorated Lepa-lepa is able to accommodate up to 12 people at one time.


Cruising Map

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya


How To Get Here

Putrajaya is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Kuala Lumpur City Centre. To board our cruise, make your way to Dataran Putra; the biggest square near Putra Mosque and Prime Minister’s Office. Walk down the steps from Dataran Putra and follow the Cruise Tasik signages. You should be able to reach our jetty in less than 5 minutes. Our ticketing counter is located at Putra Jetty, underneath Putra Bridge.

Cruise Tasik Putrajaya