Why Cruise Tasik Putrajaya?

You’re about to discover the most unique and interesting way to see Putrajaya!

Complete your visit to Malaysia’s stunning Federal Administrative Centre with a memorable trip down the serene Putrajaya Lake; an incredible man-made wonder spanning across 650 hectares of beautiful waters and exotic wetlands. Come see Putrajaya from a different perspective.

  1. It’s Putrajaya – pride of the nation!
    • Soak up the magical atmosphere that is Putrajaya; discover this enchanting garden city while cruising. This is where all the greens and modern architectural wonders intertwine seamlessly and form the largest landmark in Malaysia!
  2. Leisurely Experience – escape stressful city life
    • River cruises are not about rushing… time to take it easy and say goodbye to your stress at our jetty!
    • Sit on the open / upper deck and unwind while catching the views.
    • Hang out in the sun or shade comfortably on board our luxurious modern and traditional boats.
    • Our biggest boat can transport only 120 passengers at most, so there is no dealing with huge crowds at a time.
    • Romantic options are available for couples and honeymooners, perfect for a quick romantic getaway.
  3. Made in Malaysia – get a closer look at excellent local craftsmanship
    • All of our cruise boats (traditional and modern) are proudly 100% designed and handcrafted in Malaysia, by Malaysians.
  4. Reasonably priced! From as low as RM15
    • Get great value in just one trip! One price covers just about everything; attractive destinations, fun and romance, fabulous meals – a variety of 5-star menu on-board, simplicity and hassle free getaway, networking opportunities, family time, self pampering time, new and different experiences and most importantly satisfaction!
  5. Variety – more than 20 packages to choose from
    • With cruise packages options like sightseeing, educational tours, romantic affairs, private dining and fun activities, we have an endless list of activities to suit every taste on board.
  6. Simplicity – hassle free
    • Talk to your travel agent or us for bookings and planning; it is so simple and straight forward! Let our team of professionals handle your requests while you look forward to the good times on board!
  7. Perfect for everyone – from personal fun time to corporate events!
    • Singles, couples, groups of family and friends with varying interests can enjoy what we have to offer on board.
    • We cater not only for tourists and visitors to Putrajaya; our cruises are also perfect for corporate events like product launching and press conference.
    • From sightseeing to dining and entertainment, we cater for all.
    • Flexibility & choice – we are at your service.
    • Our boats are available for charter too. Choose your time for a special retreat – it’s your cruise, it’s your choice!
What are you waiting for? Come and set sail with Cruise Tasik Putrajaya. We look forward to welcome you on board!